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Colin Smith

Chicago-based Writer

Chicago Freelancer. Current music editor of Pop'stache and staff writer for Gapers Block. Former editor-in-chief of Kalamazoo College's newspaper.

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EU Film Fest: The Final Week | Third Coast Review

The documentary Hockney by Randall Wright portrays the artist as an old man.

Euro Union Film Fest: Films We Like for the Week of March 11-17 | Third Coast Review

Francofonia by Aleksandr Sokurov almost plays like a stream of consciousness film, but this would not give enough credit to the editing.

Euro Union Film Fest: Recaps Week of March 4-11 | Third Coast Review

The tale behind Klaus Haro’s The Fencer is a familiar one: the determined teacher inspires his students to move past life’s obstacles. But despite its familiarity, Haro executes the story with originality.

Somewhere Between a Dream and a Dance: Tame Impala @ UIC Pavilion | Third Coast Review

As Kevin Parker donned his signature Rickenbacker guitar, the band opened their set at the UIC Pavilion with the wobbling pulse of “Nangs.” Tie-dye colored lights projected spiraling designs onto the band. Tame Impala transported us to one of Ken Kesey’s acid tests.

Preview: The Dirty Nil to Kick Out the Jams on May 21 at the Beat Kitchen | Third Coast Review

When three shaggy-haired teenagers bonded over their Iron Maiden t-shirts and their shared love for all things rock ’n’ roll, they decided to do the only logical thing: They formed a band.

Chicago Zine Fest Emphasizes the Community and the Creative Process | Third Coast Review

Plumbers Union Hall last weekend. Writers, artists, and readers celebrated the community and spirit of self-publishing at the seventh annual Chicago Zine Fest last Friday and Saturday.

Doing It Yourself But Meeting Together: Chicago Zine Fest Celebrates Self-Publishing | Third Coast Review

Celebrate the art of self-publishing this weekend at Chicago Zine Fest. It’s one of the city’s largest independent festivals. The seventh annual festival is happening this Friday and Saturday.

Sound Criticism in the Noise of Opinions: A. O. Scott Speaks at Seminary Coop | Third Coast Review

Everyone’s a critic, and yet no one seems to know what a critic’s good for.

Or at least this is how New York Times film critic A. O. Scott started off his recent book, Better Living Through Criticism: How to Think About Art, Pleasure, Beauty, and Truth.

Howardian: Bedroom Music by a Garage Band | Third Coast Review

The veteran rocker Ian Vanek places a small drum kit at the front of the stage: bass drum, snare, ride cymbal, floor tom, and another tom. Though a minimal kit, he prepares for maximum energy and sweat. He rubs his drumsticks and asks “how does this one go,” giving the performance a sense of improvisation and intrigue. But it’s all part of the bombastic performance that Howardian pulls off so well.

Preview: Ian Vanek (Japanther) and Howardian Tomorrow @ Subterranean | Third Coast Review

Ian Vanek started Howardian with his brother in 1993. He was 12 years old. Still, his early experiences seeing Nirvana perform and having the members of Mudhoney talk to him after he played at a bar helped Vanek become a full-fledged rock musician before entering adolescence.

Chicago’s “SketchFest,” the Largest of Its Kind, Runs Its 15th Festival | Third Coast Review

Chicago may be mocked as the second city, but one thing the city excels at is comedy — especially sketch and improv-based comedy.

19th Chicago European Union Film Festival | Third Coast Review

The Gene Siskel Film Center will be holding the 19th European Union Film Fest from the first Friday of March until the last night of the month.

Cold? Come Indoors: Tomorrow Never Knows Kicks Off Winter Festival | Third Coast Review

Cold? Come Indoors: Tomorrow Never Knows Kicks Off ...

The Young Wise Life of Andrew St. James | Third Coast Review

Before the age of 10, Andrew St. James sang and toured for the San Francisco Opera. It was his first job, but it couldn’t last forever.