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Colin Smith

Chicago-based Writer

Chicago Freelancer. Current music editor of Pop'stache and staff writer for Gapers Block. Former editor-in-chief of Kalamazoo College's newspaper.

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Easy Ways to Curb Food Waste at Home — Pilot Light

Americans throw out about $162 billion worth of food each year — which is nearly 40% of the food we grow and prepare in the U.S. in a year.

Empowering Students and Communities — Pilot Light

Now that school’s out, the kids might not be in their classrooms but they’re applying what they learned with Pilot Light every day.

Mixing It Up: Making Your Own Trail Mix — Pilot Light

Whether the kids are going out to summer camp or you’re looking for a healthy snack in the office, trail mix can give you a powerful pick-me-up outside the hiking trails.

Sugar: The Hidden Ingredient in Everything — Pilot Light

Sure, sugar’s sweet. But in great quantities, it can be harmful to both your mind and body. After feeling a rush, sugar can quickly sap your energy.

Food Education Embedded in Everyday Lessons — Pilot Light

Because we are not an outside program, the food and nutrition education we provide is embedded in what the students are already learning through everyday subjects such as social studies, English, science, and math.

Yusho's Ramen Battles: Thinking Outside the Kitchen — Pilot Light

Ramen is not just for college students. While it may seem like a simple noodle dish, it offers the creative freedom to explore different broths and ingredients as well as flavors and textures.

Picking Out Produce: Join us at Green City Market — Pilot Light

Buying good, healthy food can get expensive quickly. But eating better while saving cash is still achievable — all it takes is a bit of planning and a culinary curiosity. Here are our top tips to help you shop smart.

Teaching Healthy Lessons That Lead to Life Lessons — Pilot Light

When Pilot Light partners chefs with teachers to teach through food, we transform the learning environment of the classroom into one that promotes healthy lifelong decision-making for students.

Round Trip: a Recap on Passport to Pilot Light — Pilot Light

We can’t believe it’s already been a few days since Passport to Pilot Light. At our first neighborhood crawl, we were excited about a lively turnout and to see people enjoyed themselves when trying some of our favorite locales in Logan Square.

Pick Up Your Passport to Pilot Light! — Pilot Light

It’s not every weekend when you can connect crafty cocktails to charitable causes.

Kefir Panna Cotta — Pilot Light

Try this easy-to-make treat this weekend! We included a fun video by Whimsy City Productions to show how cooking can also be a fun, interactive activity.

Samples: A Recap of the Good Food Festival — Pilot Light

At last week’s Good Food Festival, our chefs Paul Kahan, Josh Kulp and Christine Cikowski demoed their family-friendly recipes. We’ll be sharing these with you soon.

The Good Food Festival Brings, Well, Good Food to Chicago — Pilot Light

The nonprofit FamilyFarmed launched the first sustainable local food trade show, The Good Food Festival, in the country 12 years ago. And they’ve since kept up the record of running the longest show of its kind.